2017 KAC National Convention: BUILD Sponsors

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and partner organizations for their generous contribution.   Scholarship programs for 42 college students, community organizers, and recent graduates were funded by Jin and Julieann Park, Roy Kim, and Oregon Korea Foundation.

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Changed after NCLC

First off, I did not expect to be accepted to this conference because it seemed like something for very extroverted, talented, and special students. But, I wanted more than anything to be part of it and something told me that it would end up being a very special experience. I had no previous knowledge about the Korean community before, and knew nothing about Korean-American history. Listening to so many active Korean-Americans and their stories not only to success but a happy, fulfilling life were both inspirational and motivating, and encouraged me to be more mindful by reflecting on my own life and how I envision my future. I reminded myself to be grateful for what I have and everything that earlier generations of Koreans have gone through to allow me to get to this point. I did not have any Korean-American friends previously, so to suddenly be surrounded by nineteen of them was really something. I had hoped to leave Portland one person, and return a different one. Not only was this the case, I also went home with a support group of students just like me! I can safely say that NCLC has been a heart-warming, unforgettable, life-changing experience.

Mindy Kim is currently a sophomore at Lewis and Clark college and plans to double major in International Affairs and Foreign Languages.  She was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in Singapore, Taiwan, the US, and Japan.  She attended KAC's National College Leadership Conference (NCLC) in Los Angeles along with students from all across the US.


Apply for 2016 KAC NCLC

KAC Oregon is pleased to announce the 36th KAC National College Leadership Conference (NCLC).  NCLC has brought together young leaders in a fun, dynamic, exceptional Korean American teaching experience since 1980.  Participate in this long-standing and successful leadership development program and you will be joining a community of current and future Korean American pioneers in a variety of career fields, including government, finance, non-profit, art, technology, law, entertainment, and many more.

NCLC is an excellent opportunity for young Korean Americans to meet established professionals in their field of interest, learn essential leadership skills to assist them in their future professions, and make friends of other bright, ambitious Korean Americans. The leadership conference builds awareness of current and past issues facing the Korean American community, with an emphasis on the importance of participation and cultural identity.

Past participants include World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and Korean American Actor Ki Hong Lee (Maze Runner).

DATE:  Monday through Friday, June 20 – June 24, 2016

LOCATION: “Paradise Springs” is 135 acre private retreat located less than 30 minutes from both Palmdale and Wrightwood and approximately 90 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles.

COST: The conference, including room and board, costs $690 per attendee.  KAC Oregon will fully sponsor the conference fee and travel costs for up to 2 Oregon college students accepted into the KAC NCLC Program.

HOW TO APPLY: Fill out the 2016 application by Friday, May 27, 2016.  Upload and submit your resume here.  Apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of selection. Only completed application packages are reviewed.  Please email kacoregon@gmail.com once you have completed the online application and uploaded your resume.  We will follow up with the application review committee and track your application for you.  This will also allow us to work with them to sponsor your conference fees and travel costs.

Selected attendees will be notified no later than June 13, 2016.

QUESTIONS: Email kacoregon@gmail.com