Voter Registeration

Did you know that less than 40% of Korean Americans who are eligible to vote are currently registered as a voter in State of Oregon? And, out of the ~40% registered voters, only half of them actually vote?

In order to raise our visibility and influence in our local communities and in the US, KAC OR and other KAC chapters around the country are helping people to register to vote.

Why should you vote? Here are just a few reasons.

  1. It’s your money. The commissioners, mayors, state officials and the Congress and President will decide how they much of our wealth (taxes you pay) to invest in public services and how to share the tax burden.
  2. It’s your children’s education. The public education policy and budgets are set by people you elect. Make sure to vote to have your children and grandchildren well prepared for the future.
  3. It’s your job. Minimum wage, health insurance through your employer, job and pension security and workplace safety are all determined and influenced by the people you vote for and elect.
  4. It’s your health. Actions by the state and federal government relating to Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances will determine your access to health care.
  5. It’s your neighborhood. Do you care about crime prevention, law enforcement, affordable homes, traffic patterns and where the closest parks are? You can all make a difference by electing officials who will represent you and your interests.

To register to vote in the State of Oregon, click here.

You must be 18 years or older, and a U.S. citizen to vote.