Portland Korean Food Festival


For many people, the gateway to a culture is through their cuisine. With this in mind, KAC Oregon started the Portland Korean Food Festival in 2015 to showcase our dynamic and flavorful cuisine and the interesting and fun ways it is being integrated by our local chefs into their own creations.

The Portland Korean Food Festival, or Mukja!, was the first festival of its kind in the United States. Last year, we had an impressive roster of participants including John Gorham of Toro Bravo, Brandon Kirksey of Girin, Johanna Wares of smallwares, Kyo Koo formerly of Bluehour, Sunny Jin of Bamboo Sushi, Stray Dogs, and Han Hwang of Kim Jong Grillin’. This year, we are planning to continue this event with more participating chefs, with the hope of recruiting some nationally known chefs as well.